The Memphis Soul Sessions

‘How He Left Wasn’t Right’ out now!

Listen to this new release of ‘the Memphis Soul Sessions’ album!

Short documentary of Sue Moreno: Insight in her music, life, career, style and passion. Information about the new album as being recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Video by Paolo Arturo de Graaff for Hillywood Media Artworks

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Listen back to Sue Moreno on the Good Morning Canada / Voice America Variety show!

The vintage era of Americana. Can the decade of optimism offer hope amid recent global uncertainty?

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Swing, classic jazz, crooners, American Songbook, Bossa, sophisticated music, Latin, sultry tones, vintage lounge & pop, nightclub jazz.

Photography Masja de Laat


In film, TV, Theater


Classical Ballet, Jazz dance, Flamenco


Glamour model, vintage creations, fashion shows, catwalk


Play this song by Sue Moreno – I am looking out the Window.

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