“…The collection is most impressive with the accent on variety. The curtain raiser is a strong original rocker, ‘Rock ‘n Roll Party’. ‘Honey Cause I Love You’, a Wayne Walker/Mel Tillis tune cut by Carl Perkins on Columbia, and their own ‘Rock With You’ are in similar vein. The other pacy tracks are ‘Bye Bye Blues’, ‘Johnny Is The Boy For Me’, ‘Temptation’ and ‘Cruisin’ the Drive In’. The title track features dazzling guitar from Marco as well as lovely layered harmonies similar to those on the ‘Trio’ albums from Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton. ‘Johnny Is The Boy For Me’ has a Greek flavour and ‘Temptation’ follows the Everly Borthers’ arrangement. Eddie Cochran’s ‘Cruisin’The Drive In’ really shifts and is enhanced by three super lead breaks and great harmony vocals.
Looking at the less frenetic songs, I particularly enjoyed ‘Big River’ (featuring fuzz guitar), ‘Forever’ and ‘There’s So Much World To See’. Sue delivers a very assured performance on the jazz lounge song ‘Forever’, which is part spoken, and the Elvis movie song ‘There’s So Much World To See’ (from Double Trouble) is quite relaxed with Marco switching to acoustic mode. Marginally less appealing were ‘I’ll Never Be Free’ with steelguitar, ‘Guitar Blues’, a jazzy number featuring a xylophone, and the swinging Latin number, ‘Forbidden Love’.
This album simply oozes class and is strongly recommended. It should appeal to fans of Marti Brom and Roseanne Cash, but Sue is more jazzy and less country than those two gals…”

NOW DIG THIS MAGAZINE, Harry Dods, February 2006[hr]

“…Songstress Sue Moreno and guitarist/singer Marco Di Maggio play thirteen songs on this CD that take you back to the popular music of the 1950s in America. They composed five songs, the rest of the material consists of covers from artists like Cash, Brown-Freed and Benjamin-Weiss. It is rockabilly, mixed with swing, jazz, big band and ‘oldfashioned’ rock-‘n-roll.
Sultry Moreno reminds us of stars like Rita Hayworth and the music takes you back to the swinging fifties. This definitely is a very pleasant album for everyone that is into Elvis or the Everly Brothers. It will do very well on long, warm summernights…”

DUTCH POP INSTITUTE Magazine FRET, Martien Koolen – February, 2006[hr]

“…Your CD sounds GREAT! Keep up the good work!…”
Jerry Angel, -the Blasters

“…Hope you can make a trip to the states sometime. Not a lot of Europeans can
really “get” the feel in this music and you folks do a fine job…”
Dick DeLuxe, -DickdeLuxe.com

“…I enjoy the CD! Reminds me of ‘hillbilly rock ‘n roll’, a bit like the Stray
Cats. Great CD, and Marco is an incredible guitarist!…”
Peter Koelewijn, -PeterKoelewijn.nl ~ CoolWine Music

“…Love the CD!

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