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When Rockabilly gal Sue Moreno combines her talents with scene favourites Jack Rabbit Slim, there can only be one outcome – fantastic Rockabilly music. The blend of Sue’s sweet vocal with the wild rockin’ rhythms of JRS is a surefire winner. One Track Mind is a totally rockin’ album with great songs and solid production.

Sue Moreno & Jack Rabbit Slim – One Track Mind
13 track CD
1. One Track Mind
2. The Fire Is a-Burnin’
3. Too Late
4. Time Is a-Wastin’
5. Gone Gone Gone (Duet with Bob Butfoy)
6. Don’t Hurt Me Baby
7. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow
8. What About Tomorrow
9. Record Hop
10. Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad
11. Cinderella Story
12. Walkin’ With Angels
Bonus Track:
13. Time is a-Wastin’ (Duet Bob Boffoy)

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