Sue Moreno singer & entertainer

Who could better symbolize glamour than Sue Moreno?

This beautiful diva from Holland is endowed with many talents.Trained in the American school, a singer, dancer, model and actress, she is capable of expressing her art in all these fields with equal success. The moment she appears cameras and microphones focus on her. In an already successful career, Sue Moreno has appeared on many stages and in festivals all over Europe, Scandinavia and the USA. Considering her varied repertoire, her charisma and her immense presence on stage, she is unique in her category. With her innate sense of swing and her overpowering sensuality, she is at ease with all jazz standards,the syncopated rhythms of rock and rhythm’n’ blues, as well as t he most evocative ballads and latino memories. Gifted with a sensuous voice in tune with her physique,this fiery brunette is at ease within all spheres of American music. She rarely misses a reminder to her idols, Marilyn Monroe, Peggy Lee, Julie London, Elvis Presley or Etta James etc…which she distills to her audience throughout her amazing show, the Sue Moreno Glamour Show.

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