Here it is… Very proud to present my new single ‘The Long and Winding Road’. From now on you can request this song at your favorite radio stations worldwide! Not available in stores as a single, but available for download and streaming.


Take a look in iTunes.

Why would you like to get this limited edition single cd? Leave your comment at the bottom of this page for a chance to win a signed copy! I will personally pick out the best five submissions.

Instrumentalist, Producer, Arranger: Hans Sligter
Orchestral accompaniment: Otis P. Morganfield and his Orchestra
Photography: Paolo Arturo de Graaff
Design & Artwork: Marco ‘Charley’ Buschman

Press info:

The Long And Winding Road is the new single by Sue Moreno.
She leaves a difficult time behind her with the release of this single and breaks the silence with a classic song which holds a deeper, spiritual meaning to her. After losing both of her beloved parents in short succession, now the time is right to come out with this track.
Scheduled are many new beautiful plans such as the recording of an album in Memphis, writing with various fellow artists, in addition to tours and cruises in the Netherlands and abroad.

Her unique show concepts have already brought her around the world, with shows from Scandinavia to Italy and from England to the USA and South America.
For this single, Sue has collaborated with multi-instrumentalist Hans Sligter (LSB Experience) and the Otis P. Morganfield Orchestra with out of the ordinary results.
The single is the first of a series of beautiful songs that will eventually be available in vinyl on EP. Singer Sue Moreno – with her natural class, style and glamour- shows her vulnerable side with this new single.



Lennon/McCartney’s wonderfully written “The Long and Winding Road” has endured through the years as a standard and has been recorded many times by great artists.
Sue Moreno’s beautiful recording of this wonderful song once again brings forth the heart-felt longing through the beauty of the lyrics she sings so well.
I know Sue’s fans will enjoy this recording as much as I do.

-Michael Jarrett, Recording artist and Elvis Presley’s songwriter

I’m a huge fan Sue…I absolutely love your voice and song selection. Your cover pic is enticing, reflective of the music and your beauty

-Larry Geller, Elvis’ friend, confidant, hairdresser

Very beautiful!

-Hans Schiffers, Radio presenter

Sue Moreno has reached deep into her soul for her new heartfelt, haunting version of the Beatles’ classic The Long and Winding Road.
It brings out her feelings over recent events in her life perfectly.
Hope your coming album is as good.

– Rockin’ Dave’s R&R show on BRFM 95.6

  1. Sam 6 years ago

    Looks like a great new single!

  2. Karin 6 years ago

    Hi, there, i want to win the single because i am a number one fan of Sue.

    • Sue 6 years ago

      Thank you so much Karin! <3

  3. Hans 6 years ago

    Ik gun je alle succes van de wereld met deze mooie nieuwe single. Ik weet hoe hard je er voor gewerkt hebt. Je verdient het powwerwoman

    • Sue 6 years ago

      very much appreciated , dank Hans!

  4. Roelof Stabler 6 years ago

    Ik zou deze cd dolgraag willen winnen. Heb alle cds en volg je al jaren. Jij bent mijn nummer 1 zangeres.

    • Sue 6 years ago

      Dank je wel Roelof! De CD single komt naar je toe!

  5. Michaela Mennen 6 years ago

    Because I love your music and your wonderful voice Sue

    • Sue 6 years ago

      Thank you Michaela! Congratulations, the cd will be coming your way <3

  6. Ferry 6 years ago

    This song is what i hear is the real you
    You’ve done it
    I am proud Sue i love you

    • Sue 6 years ago

      thank you for these wonderful words, Ferry. Youre right, made with heart and soul <3

  7. Harold Alexander 6 years ago

    I’ts Bin a Long Time Coming 2 Hear U’re Beautiful Magical Sensual Voice Again , I’m Looking 4Ward Also 4 U’re UpComing EP Aswell Hopefully with Some Good Loving Winding Songs On It , Tumbs Up 4 Myself 2 Win U’re Fresh New Single . L<3 ve from me 2 U…..

    • Eric Van Rooij 6 years ago

      Hoi Sue. Hoe kan ik nou antwoord geven op zo’n vraag. Ik ben te ouderwets om te downloaden en alleen de hoes van de cd is het verzamelen meer dan waard. D uur, als hij niet te koop is, wil ik hem heel graag winnen.groet. Eric

      • Sue 6 years ago

        Eric… alleen al doordat je ook houdt van écht geluid vanuit échte apparatuur…komt de single jouw kant op! veel plezier ermee!

    • Sue 6 years ago

      thank you Harold, for your kind words.. the cd will be coming your way! Let me know what you think! <3

  8. Mazarine 6 years ago

    Ik ben zo blij voor je en zo trots op je dat dit prachtige nummer nu eindelijk uit is!! Je zingt zo prachtig, met zo veel gevoel, je zal er veel mensen mee raken.

    Ik wens natuurlijk ook een dikke nummer 1 hit hiermee!! : D

    Heel veel liefs xxx Mazarine

    • Sue 6 years ago

      zo lief ,, dank je wel xxxx

  9. Juha Suvanne 6 years ago

    Because good beatiful music make me feel great and If the singer is beatiful also, it’s a big bonus my old eye’s.

    • Sue 6 years ago

      thank you Juha for your kind words! please expect the cd in your mailbox shortly! let me know what you think.

  10. Rene Vogelenzang 6 years ago

    its so nice to hear your voice and it makes me feel going down memory lane just like the singers in the old days.

    • Sue 6 years ago

      thank you Rene for your kind response. thank you for the support <3

  11. René B. Janssen 6 years ago

    A song truly from the heart! We at @BureauRCenA are very proud of the result achieved by our friend and cliënt the beautiful and talented @MissSueMoreno

    • Sue 6 years ago

      Thank you René <3

  12. Elvis 6 years ago

    It’s @ The Top Of My Playlist.
    I Simply Adore It X

  13. Shawn Adam Williams 6 years ago

    Because this song is all about love and beautifully by design.

    • Sue 6 years ago

      Exactly! The song is about Love <3 and expresses my emotions so well. Glad you like the packaging as well, as it will be coming your way Shawn! thank you for your support <3

  14. Dina Hill 6 years ago

    You just sang what is in my heart my friend and so beautifully. You have such a gift. Thank you for this. ❤️

    • Sue 6 years ago

      thank you dear Dina <3 means a lot to me!

  15. Chris Orndorff 6 years ago

    Just a lovely arraignment . Is there a new album coming?

    • Sue 6 years ago

      thank you Chris! Yes EP in the making with this project.. and new album to be recorded in Memphis next year!

  16. Massie 6 years ago

    Wil graag een gesigneerde single winnen ♥️

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