Calendar Sue Moreno 2014

Calendar Sue Moreno 2014

Interview BIG BEAT – Juha Miettinen, Finland

What else have you been doing lately?

I am always super busy performing, arranging, rehearsing, recording, writing, travelling across the globe to shows, dancing……And modelling, that I used to do more a few years back (also catwalk!)but picked up on it again through requests by various (inter)national companies.
and of course we just worked really hard to put this new Glamour Calendar together.

Tell us about the photo shoot?

The photos collected for the 2014 calendar are my personal picks from various shoots and glamourphotographers that I worked with (for example Govert de Roos). We also did a new photosession exclusively for the Calendar. We shot in a dance school, one of which has become Miss November.

What is the most important thing about posing for a photographer?

You have to feel at ease.. Everything you do, every pose should feel natural. If it’s not authentic, you can tell right away. If there is a good click between the photographer and yourself, it comes across. Oh and since you have to hold poses it’s always handy when you’re flexible!

What fascinates you in pin-up photos?

The glamour, the class, the sexiness and ultra feminity yet not being able to ‘see it all’ which makes it way more daring than anything else.. At least that’s my opninion 😉

Have you done any burlesque shows?

No, I have performed (sang) at many burlesque shows, for example for Radio Modern and Amsterdam Beatclub.
I love burlesque, but that is such an art by itself [I am a Flamenco and balletdancer] but a little bit out of my league. I love to watch the dances and listen to the accompanying music! I love the glamour and feminity.

You were chosen the most gorgeous vegetarian a while back. When was it and
how was the competition?

Yes, the most sexy vegetarian, haha! That was a competition in the Netherlands with famous Dutch personalities and I felt so honored!
I am proud to be a vegetarian (I have been for a long long time) and that combination is a nice twist!

Any new stuff in the music department?

Last year was the release of City By Night, a CD I recorded in Nashville with Chris Casello, Dave Roe, and Eddie Angel amongst others.
Right now I am working with my band The Handsome Men on some original songs, and I am also working on a project with ‘Danny Mirror’ who has an impressive state of golden records here and is most famous internationally for recording ‘I Remember Elvis Presley’ in 1977.

Have you any international shows coming up?

Always.. I actually just got back from some shows up North, in Kemi and Rovaniemi! Then I work with Lauri from Nine Lives. My new website will be online soon on which you can keep track on my concerts better than ever before!

What is next in your plans?

We have the launch for our exclusive 2014 Glamour Calendar, the launch of my new website with many
new gimmicks, interactive features, and much more!

Are you vegetarian because of the health reasons or because of ethical

I first realized I didn’t wanna eat meat when I was about ten years old,
because of my love for animals. Later I realized how beneficial it is for
your health, too. So that’s a nice extra!

Your schedule sounds incredibly busy. What do you do to relax?

Sleep! 😉 I listen to music I love, for example Elvis, Dean Martin or
Leonard Cohen , and I meditate.
And I love to watch Mad Men!

Will you continue your cooperation with Nine Lives for example in the

It’s always a pleasure working with Nine Lives, we will do so in the future
and already have some festivals planned.

Any new gigs in Finland coming up?

Not yet.. But I will be back! I enjoy performing in your country .

Thank you SO much, kiitos!

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