Your latest album City by Night you worked with Chris Casello.
How did you meet him?

* Chris and I worked together during an Elvis tribute tour we did for two
years throughout Europe. We also performed Fever at that tour, which we both
very much enjoyed playing. As I was booked in the States when the tour was
over, we decided to record a few tracks- including Fever. We had a great click at the studio and enjoyed working together. So we decided to make it into an album that we recorded in two different
timeframes. The Fry Pharmacy studio [ and be treated to one of our recordings as you open the page] added a lot to our feel as it is all analog with equipment used in worldfamous RCA Studio B!

Can you describe the process of writing songs together?
As Chris was in Nashville at the time and me in Holland, we started writing separately, sharing demos and lyrics and working it out in details as we got together. We both worked on music as well as lyrics, but my focus was a bit more on lyrics, and Chris music.

What’s so different about recording in Nashville and recording elsewhere?

As soon as I entered the Fry studio I felt different. The whole atmosphere, the equipment. Also knowing I was in Nashville, and able to work with legends like Dave Roe, made it a very special experience. It’s also wonderful to be able to sing and to have the sound exactly how I
want it to sound – without overdubs or anything fancy- right away.

Is this album different than the ones you made before? Of what do you think
is special about it?

The album really mirrors my style , it’s pretty jazzy and we tried to capture that early 50s crooner style.As we both love Les Paul and Mary Ford, we wanted to do our rendition of their famous recording of How High the Moon. A few of the non-original songs are suggestions made by my father whom I lost unexpectedly during the EP tour. So I recorded these tracks in his honor and also dedicated the album to him. We also wrote a little song with a lot of impact about him, it’s the last track on the album ‘I’ll Never be the Same’.

You released a calender this year, which is already sold out.How did you get the idea/inspiration for the pictures, choice of photographer, locations, scene setting etc.

My designer decided it was time for a Sue Moreno glamour Calendar. As I have been doing many photoshoots for modeling and for promotion, we had quite a collection to choose from and we also added another session to include never before seen photos. I always try to put glamour , class and style first when we shoot. Plus I am inspired by all the beautiful Hollywood moviestars of the 40s and 50s. We usually look for locations that breathe that glamour style.

What are your plans for this year and next year?
The year has been very busy with shows so far, many of them abroad. In the meantime, I am working on new songs to hopefully record this year or next year with my band The Handsome Men.
I have also been asked for a project to work with a bunch of renowned Dutch artists.

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